A message from our CEO: Your orchestra needs you

Dear friends,

Symphony Nova Scotia began 2020 with the exciting announcement of our new Music Director Holly Mathieson, and preparations were well underway to celebrate Beethoven’s 250th with a spectacular spring Festival.

We were only days away from our 2020/21 Season Launch event when, suddenly, it all came to a screeching halt.

The COVID-19 crisis is now widespread, and the subsequent ripple effects will be felt for years to come. Symphony Nova Scotia depends on ticket sales for 42% of annual revenues. The cancellation of 17 performances has been an extraordinary financial loss for your orchestra.

We know we will be facing significant budgetary challenges for the next year and well beyond.

Symphony Nova Scotia has always depended on the steadfast support of our donors. You have seen us through many challenges and accomplishments throughout our 38-year history. Donors provide more than one-third of our annual revenues. This is an enormous contribution in the best of times. That funding becomes even more crucial as we begin planning in these uncertain times.

These are challenging days, but we want you to know that your orchestra is surviving, and there is plenty going on behind the scenes. Be reassured that our governing board and administrative team are not slowing down. While adapting to this “new normal”, we are working hard to navigate this current crisis, address the uncertainty, and develop creative strategies to bring the music back.

Live music is why Symphony Nova Scotia exists. It is central to our collective experience, and we need your continued support to ensure that it remains a vital part of all our lives.

Please consider a generous gift.

Your orchestra needs you now more than ever.

Christopher Wilkinson
CEO, Symphony Nova Scotia

“Symphony Nova Scotia’s ability to navigate through this period depends upon your support. You allow us to use this time to channel our expertise and energy positively into the lives of our community. Every monetary donation is valuable beyond measure. It strengthens our ability to plan and innovate for the future of your orchestra.”
Holly Mathieson, Music Director Symphony Nova Scotia