Meet the Dancers: Ryleigh Duquette

Ryleigh will be an understudy in ‘Twas the Night Before Nutcracker in 2021. Learn more about her below!

How many years have you performed in The Nutcracker?
Last year was my first year performing in The Nutcracker, making this my second year being a part of the cast.

How old were you when you saw The Nutcracker for the first time?
I never got to see the show before I was in it, but in a way I think that helped to keep it new and fun!

Favourite Nutcracker backstage tradition?
I really love the theme week/Secret Santa that gets done every year! It’s just a super fun way to keep everyone close and having fun.

Favourite Nutcracker puppet?
My favourite puppet in the show is the Spirit of Winter puppet.

Real tree or fake tree?
My family’s always had a fake tree, but I would love to have a real tree.

Gift bag or gift wrap?
Gift wrapping is a Christmas tradition every year, so I’d pick that.

Hot chocolate with or without marshmallows?
Hot chocolate definitely with marshmallows.

Favourite holiday cookie?
My favourite holiday cookie is the sugar cookies that you get from Walmart with the white and blue icing on them and snowflake sprinkles.

What do you love about dance?
I love the fact that whenever I’m in the studio, I can forget about all my other issues going on outside. It’s a place to just let everything melt away ’til all you can think about is dancing.