Growing Up with the Symphony

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A message from Symphony Board Member Mark Gosine

Thank you for your past support of Symphony Nova Scotia. Because of your generosity, people of all ages and stages of life can be inspired by symphonic music and take joy in live performances.

We all remember music from our formative years. Woven through so many experiences in childhood and youth, it was part of my education from grade school to university and continues to be part of my life today. I was fortunate to be part of the Nova Scotia Youth Orchestra from 1988 to 1992 and have fond memories of the struggles and achievements we made. It inspired us; music fed our imagination, comforted us, motivated us to try harder, and helped us to thrive and grow.

We grow up with music and come back to it at every stage of life.

Live orchestral performance is magic. Symphony Nova Scotia brings the highest quality musicianship to the stage and beyond. With your help, we are able to move out into the community, break down age and income barriers, and ensure our music is accessible, meaningful, and exciting to listeners of all ages.

Our Symphony Scrapbook of stories highlights some of the people that have been inspired by your generosity. In addition to enhancing over thirty-five concerts, your donations helped us offer six free family concerts that gave more than 1,600 children and adults the chance to hear the full orchestra in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. With music we transformed the airport, the train station, Northwood, fourteen schools, and twenty-one libraries; reached 1,500 students from sixteen schools through Link Up; and performed with the Nova Scotia Youth Orchestra, mentoring young adults.

“Our audiences of the future are as critical as the musicians who will grow into the symphony players of tomorrow. Reaching young people and showing them uplifting, good music is one of Symphony Nova Scotia’s most worthwhile tasks. It’s more than our responsibility: it’s our joy.” – Maestro Bernhard Gueller

The popularity and demand for these Symphony programs reveals a growing need in the community for live orchestral music. With your support, we can make the most of our creativity and versatility, consider different and unexpected venues, and continue to find new and innovative ways to connect with people like never before.

Please click here to make a donation to Symphony Nova Scotia today. Together, we can support and grow the Symphony as a true cultural leader in Nova Scotia; making it a part of our own lives and a cherished part of the community.


Mark-Gosine-webMark Gosine
Board Member, Symphony Nova Scotia
Former Member, Nova Scotia Youth Orchestra
Executive Vice President, Legal Affairs, DHX Media Ltd.

P.S. Click here to see the Symphony Scrapbook. I encourage you to read it and learn about the way your gifts have helped people grow with the orchestra. Thank you for supporting Symphony Nova Scotia.