Rebecca Adams

NSYO Operations Manager



Rebecca Adams is an active arts administrator and composer based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. She began working with Symphony Nova Scotia in the summer of 2018 as a Marketing Assistant, and was thrilled to take up a new role as a member of the Nova Scotia Youth Orchestra team in 2021 (the very ensemble where she got her start as an orchestral musician).

Rebecca completed a Bachelor of Music Degree in Composition at Dalhousie University in 2020, and graduated from Sheridan College with a Graduate Certificate in Music Scoring for Screen and Stage in 2021.

Deeply involved in the Nova Scotia music community, Rebecca has done communications work with suddenlyLISTEN and Inner Space Concerts, and has played trombone in several university and community groups. As a composer, Rebecca has had music performed by the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, the Nova Scotia Youth Orchestra, the Maritime Brass Quintet, and more. Rebecca also adores creating music for media, and has written original music for several short films and games, including “Dançarina” by Monica Santos, “Romario” by James Cooper, “Dancing in the Cold” by Dmitrijus Monastyreckis, and Summit by Unavailable Games.

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Do you play an instrument?
I do! Mainly, I play the trombone, but in true composer fashion, I love to fiddle around with any instruments I can get my hands on. I own a flute, two guitars, and a number of other instruments I’ve collected over the years.

What are your outside interests?
Aside from all things music, I love reading, yoga, photography, drawing, and playing video games (I spent an egregious amount of time on Hades and Animal Crossing this past year).

What’s the best Symphony Nova Scotia concert you’ve seen?
I would have to say the best concert I’ve been to was Symphony Nova Scotia with the Canadian Brass back in 2020. My mom has been a huge fan of the Canadian Brass since I was a kid and would always play their CDs around Christmas time – I think it’s part of the reason why I ended up loving brass instruments so much. My mom travelled over from PEI, and me, her and my sister all went to see the show together. It was my first time hearing them live and is such a fond memory for me!

What’s your favourite food(s)?
Easy! Meat-lovers pizza, Miss Vickie’s jalapeno chips, and my childhood favourite: my Grammie’s mouth-watering frog cookies.