Rebecca Cohn, Halifax

Most of our concerts happen at the Rebecca Cohn Auditorium, on the campus of Dalhousie University in Halifax. The Rebecca Cohn is part of the Dalhousie Arts Centre.

The Rebecca Cohn is the largest soft-seat theatre in the region, where many of Nova Scotia’s most memorable performances have taken place. Its seating capacity for Symphony performances ranges from 980 to 1020, including a balcony and no obstructed views. It has a full range of stage, lighting, and sound technologies, air conditioning, and a smoke and scent-free policy. There are also candy cart and bar services available, in addition to our Symphony Boutique where you can peruse our CD selection.

Where can I park?
Free parking is available on the streets around the Dalhousie Arts Centre, or in Dunn parking lot on Coburg Road after 6:30 pm. There are also two parkades available, both on Seymour Street,  which provide nearby parking for our concerts:

  • Dalhousie University McCain Parkade: This parkade on Seymour Street includes “pay and park” dispensers, and is located in the basement of the McCain building, right across the street from the Dal Arts Centre’s side door. It’s open to the public anytime after 6:30 pm.
  • Dalhousie University CSB Parkade: FREE parking is also available in another parkade on Seymour Street behind the Rowe Building (between Seymour and Henry Streets). It’s open to the public anytime after 6:30 pm.

For more details about parking at the Rebecca Cohn Auditorium, please click here.

No scents, please
Dalhousie University endeavors to be a scent-free environment. Many patrons have severe allergies to scents so, please refrain from wearing scented products to events.

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