What have you been up to during the pandemic?

Patricia CreightonWe spoke with Principal Flute Patricia Creighton to find out more about what she’s been up to during the COVID-19 pandemic!

My time since mid-March has been an interesting one creatively. I took part in recording Mozart’s The Magic Flute Overture for the LOVE PROJECT 2020, an international orchestra comprised of over 1,000 musicians. This was challenging and very rewarding, and it was so nice to be a part of something happening globally. I’m on the mid-far right occasionally in this video (click here to watch!), and am wearing a white crocheted hat.

I also pursued other creative projects that I normally wouldn’t have any time to partake in. I painted our grapevine arbour curtains with a pastoral scene, including a few sunflowers, and was surprised when bees would land on the painted flowers looking for nectar – a sign that they thought them to be real! I did a great number of jigsaw puzzles, which according to a Google search “jigsaw brain benefits”, talks about the amazing brain health benefits of doing these.

I also sewed some excellent masks out of a torn bed sheet and batting; I mailed many of them to family members. They are comfortable, and if one wears one and lights a lighter right in front of the face, the flame can’t be blown out because the mask offers enough protection! Far better than commercial masks, some of which I have bought, but which failed the lighter test.

I have spent some time indulging myself in photography, a great love of mine. I love a picture I took at Crystal Crescent Beach, which truly captures the power of the ocean in this wave. You can see the photo below.

And then there is crocheting and needlepoint! I have a great pattern I use for hooking washcloths, and also made my own pattern for fingerless gloves, using up spare yarn making sets of those. And I’m embroidering a piece of cloth which will be the case for a pillow made from a portion of an old sheet.

Recently, I started playing flute again, and will be spending the next month video-recording some solo flute works for my YouTube channel (you can get there through my website www.patriciacreighton.com), including a few selections from composers who have contacted me in the last six months. It is always a joy to work with a living composer, and bring into existence a work that has not been recorded or performed before.

Here are some photos of what I’ve been working on: