Aniqa Jalal

Aniqa Jalal is a grade 11 student at Halifax West High School, beginning her first year in the International Baccalaureate programme. She has been playing the violin for seven years in the Halifax Regional Arts Programme and played in auditioned ensembles including the Halifax Regional Arts Symphony Orchestra and the Halifax Regional Arts Honour Violins. Besides playing the violin, she loves playing the flute and ukulele and exploring other instruments including the harmonium. She additionally enjoys playing traditional bengali violin pieces in various Bengali events.

Music has helped her gain valuable skills in other areas of her life including debating internationally, volunteering, running in her school’s cross country team, as well as being an executive on her school student government. This is Aniqa’s second season playing with the NSYO and she is beyond excited to see what this year of music, challenges and teamwork brings to her!