Dylan Yang

Dylan Yang is a grade ten student at Charles. P. Allen High School. He has been playing violin for over eight years and is has been a student of Jennifer Jones for two years. During these eight years, violin has changed his life. He has become more rhythmic and is vibing to the music he enjoys. It is not just an instrument; it is a part of his life.

He was a member of Singing Strings Youth Orchestra in PEI for two years and the Conservatory Chamber Orchestra in the Maritime Conservatory of Performing Art for two years. He really enjoyed playing with a lot of people. He felt more confident, more relaxed. Whenever he’s leading, he knows that he has the most responsibility. He practices hard and will not let the team down.

In his spare time, he likes basketball, boxing, and working out. He was the MVP of the 2022/23 Bedford Eagles Season in his division. Besides sports, he is really into composing, producing, and writing songs. He is mostly into Hiphop/Rap. He found that writing all your feelings down and telling it to other people in such a unique way is fantastic. He really enjoyed it and could do this all day long. He recently published his first song “Letter to the Future Me” by Da Orange on most of the major music platforms and will publish more in the future.

He won First Place in the 2023 Nova Scotia Kiwanis Music Festival in competition for Class 6046 Violin Solo Grade 8 and third place in competition for Class 6054 Violin Concerto Grade 8.

This is his third year in the NSYO. He had a lot of fun in the last two years and he can’t wait to spend another year in this friendly, amazing orchestra again!