Indi Tisoy Morales

Hello, I’m Indi and I’m very excited for my third season with the NSYO! I have a lot of appreciation for orchestral music. It’s some of the most complicated yet amazingly stunning music ever conceived. As far as classical music goes, I would have to say that my favourite composers are probably Ravel, Debussy, and Tchaikovsky. Exploring music from all across the globe is another passion of mine. I play violin in a Latin jazz band and I’ve taken lessons for the traditional Chinese erhu. Although I can be found performing pretty frequently, I love other musical activities such as arranging, composing, and conducting. Violin is the instrument I’ve been playing the longest, but I do enjoy playing many others. I take piano lessons, play alto saxophone in my school band, and sometimes dabble in some clarinet. Besides music, my other interests include drawing, painting, animation, film, and learning languages.