Each year, a limited number of bursaries are made available for students who wish to join the NSYO, but otherwise wouldn’t be able to do so for financial reasons.

To apply for a bursary, please submit:

  • Your resume/CV (please include information on your performance experience, ensembles you’ve played in, extracurricular activities, volunteering, work experience, and anything else you think might be relevant).
  • A two-page essay on music and its role in your life. Some things to get you started could be: Why do you love music? Do you have any musical memories that mean a lot to you? Why do you play? Do you see yourself continuing with music after school? What part does music play in your life? Or any other musical topic!
  • A letter outlining your financial circumstances, and why you think you are a good candidate for the NSYO bursary program (please note that bursaries are strictly for those in financial hardship, and are not based on artistic merit​ or achievement).
  • A reference letter from your private teacher (or school teacher if you don’t currently have a private teacher).

Applications should be emailed to KyrieRobinson@symphonyns.ca.

Application deadline: September 7, 2019.