School Concerts

Symphony Nova Scotia’s full orchestra regularly visits schools across Halifax each year. Our 45-50 minute school concert program is designed to give students an opportunity to experience the full symphony orchestra in a fun and engaging concert. Please see contact information below if you are interested in having Symphony Nova Scotia come to your school!

Symphony Nova Scotia is happy to present the in-school concert – Fast, Faster, Fastest! – this fall with our musicians led by education specialist Gary Ewer. Why does fast music sound so exciting? Like a roller coaster speeding around a course, it can sound as though the music might go flying off the rails. When Symphony Nova Scotia plays fast music… look out! Anything can happen!

“I just have to say that you guys rock and that I would do anything to see you again. The way your music makes me smile, it warms me inside and out. I never want to stop listening to that beautiful sound I hear when Symphony Nova Scotia plays at our school. It makes me smile and laugh with happiness.”

-Justice, age 10

For more information about booking a concert for your school, please contact D’Arcy Gray at or 902.403.7197.

Talk to us!

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Please contact: D’Arcy Gray
Education and Community Outreach Coordinator, Symphony Nova Scotia