The Education & Diversity Outreach Fund

foundation-jason-roth-and-cheryl-steadman-rothSymphony Nova Scotia would like to express our sincere thanks to Jason Roth and Cheryl Steadman-Roth for their vision and generous gifts to the Foundation, which will enable the orchestra to reach out to new rural and underserved communities that might not otherwise have the chance to hear live orchestral music.

Jason knows from personal experience that the sounds of symphonic music can stir the soul, excite, and inspire. “Knowing that we could help provide this experience for others is profoundly satisfying,” says Jason. “We won’t know the impact it produces; it could be immediate or it could be seeds planted that will blossom later. The reward of simply knowing you’ve done something good is incredibly powerful.”

Special recognition to the A. Mary Holmes Trust, the children of the late Adel Darwish, and an anonymous donor whose matching donations have helped to set up this endowment within the Foundation. Now these combined donations will be eligible for further matching funds from the Canadian Heritage Cultural Incentives program. The income generated from this fund will make a significant impact annually.

Plans are underway to work with schools in the Berwick area and other underserved communities.

Are there communities in Nova Scotia that you believe could benefit from your own tribute gifts or donations? Email Jordan at [email protected] to receive a copy of our Strategic Plan and let’s explore what we can achieve together.