Joy. Joy. Joy.

Over the last five years I have had the pleasure of serving on the Board of Symphony Nova Scotia. The experience brings me great joy. As a fellow devotee, I know you share my delight in supporting the orchestra and bringing this joy to so many others.

The Symphony is all about enriching people’s lives with feelings of joy, surprise, delight, longing.

Just think of the concerts you’ve attended. Do you sometimes watch the faces of those entering the concert hall? Do you see the smiles, and looks of anticipation? Following a concert, do you listen to happy exchanges and experience the uplifting feeling in the air? This is what your orchestra inspires and this is your gift to others. Your passion for music grows when you share it with others, helping create unique experiences for friends and family in your community.

“There is something to be said for being in a concert hall with no distractions and being part of a group focusing on the same thing. You listen with all the people around you and you have just shared this exciting moment of live performance in real time. It’s never going to be performed in exactly that way again.”Suzanne Lemieux, Principal Oboe

Often we turn to music to celebrate, evoke a festive spirit and remind us of our family traditions. With the holiday season around the corner, we look forward to a very special event and an exciting milestone: The Nutcracker’s 25th anniversary performance.

“25 years ago, we brought The Nutcracker to the stage and it has been a seasonal favourite ever since. By being resourceful and innovative, we found a way to do it even without a professional ballet company in town. The show was re-imagined from the ground up. That same innovation and creativity has kept us moving forward all these years. We are truly indebted to the audiences, subscribers and donors that have helped us reach this milestone.” Max Kasper, Principal Bass

Our Nutcracker performance is uniquely Nova Scotian with local dancers, local puppets and your own orchestra collaborating on a beloved holiday tradition. Donations from people like you help us keep this tradition accessible for families to enjoy, and share from one generation to the next.

Last winter and again this fall, we saw the impact of bad weather and cancelled concerts. The unforeseen expenses leave the orchestra financially vulnerable and serve to remind us how vital our donations can be to the overall financial stability of the Symphony. They are reminders to those of us with a passion for music that every gift we can offer makes a difference.

Make a donation in 2015, please, to help spread more joy this season and the next.
David Hastings 376 x 355


David Hastings
Chair, Board of Directors
Symphony Nova Scotia

P.S. Every donation is treasured and appreciated. Collectively we make a big difference to the community’s cultural scene and to each other’s lives.