Celebrating Volunteer Leadership

Above: Gail Morris, Chair of Symphony Nova Scotia; Kevin McNamara, Past Chair (1988-91); Elizabeth Salton, Past Chair (1986); Chris Wilkinson, CEO; and Susan Letson, Past Chair (1995-97)

The next time you’re at a Symphony concert, take a look around the lobby at intermission. Chances are you’ll run into at least two or three people who’ve served a term on our Board of Directors or as a Foundation trustee.

Symphony Nova Scotia enjoys a special connection with our leadership volunteers, both past and present. This is a group of devoted music lovers who have generously offered their energy, skills, and talents to the Symphony over more than three decades. They have guided the organization through difficult times and remarkable accomplishments, and they continue to offer steadfast support of their orchestra as subscribers, donors, and members of the Legacy Circle.

When you next enjoy a Symphony performance, consider the hard work, generosity, and commitment that helped make it possible. Think about what the Symphony means to you and to your community. Thank our leadership volunteers!