Blue Nose Charity Challenge

The NSYO took over the Symphony Striders for another successful Blue Nose Marathon Giv’er Charity Challenge!

RACE DAYS: MAY 19-21, 2023

The Symphony Striders ran another amazing race this year! We’ve been named the largest fundraising team in the Blue Nose Marathon four times, and have raised over $150,000 for education and outreach programming. Help us keep the momentum going as we raise support for the NSYO Wellness Program. Donations are open until June 11, 2023.



We’re so excited to share that Domus Realty Matching Day on May 11 brought in an amazing $13,047.98 from over 110 donors and our official team sponsor Domus Realty. All in support of the NSYO Wellness Program!

The NSYO Wellness Program, and the meaningful opportunities for growth and well-being it provides, wouldn’t be possible without the support of our community. From all of us at Symphony Nova Scotia, the NSYO, and our Symphony Striders Blue Nose team: Thank You!

Together, the Symphony Striders and Domus Realty believe in the way music allows us to connect, express, and explore. The Symphony Striders have been a driving force behind Symphony Nova Scotia’s Education and Outreach programming for many years, and we are thrilled to team up with the Nova Scotia Youth Orchestra to raise funds for the NSYO Wellness Program.

Supporting health and wellness for young musicians helps them learn and grow, and ensures a bright future for music in our community.



  • Raise $200 and win two tickets to Symphony Nova Scotia’s The Nutcracker on Thursday, December 14 at 4:00 pm.
  • Raise $400 and win two NSYO 2023/24 Season Passes
  • Raise $600 and win two U-Pick 4 subscriptions to the 2023/24 Symphony Nova Scotia season*
  • PLUS, the individual who raises the most funds will win a free lunch with Music Director Holly Mathieson!

We’re raising $20,000 to ensure the continued success of the NSYO Wellness Program and grow this critical program to keep our musicians healthy. Donate here!

* U-Pick seats are assigned after series subscription orders are filled, so you’ll be sitting in the same section – but not necessarily in the same seat – for each concert. U-Pick cannot include Video Games Live or 40 Year Special: Shostakovich’s Ninth.



The Nova Scotia Youth Orchestra is an education and outreach program that delivers unique, life-enriching experiences for young musicians. With mentorship from professional musicians and the support of a community of peers, youth can explore their musical talents, establish a network of friends, and grow in a positive environment. The NSYO is the only program of its kind in Nova Scotia and the opportunities it offers are essential to supporting our youth.

The NSYO Wellness Program provides resources for mental, physical, and musical health that support our youth musicians’ development in a positive and healthy environment. Programming kicks off with the NSYO Connect: Orchestra Retreat Weekend where musicians meet our team of wellness experts and are introduced to the many components of healthy music making. Throughout the season, musicians have access to the Beyond the Notes weekly workshop series, which provides practical tools and encourages thoughtful conversations about wellness. Nutritional breaks are integrated into each rehearsal and musical programming is structured to support joyful music making.

Foster well-being through joyful music making. Donate today!



Dear NSYO and community members, I highly recommend that you join the Blue Nose run/walk. It is a fun, low-stress event, and you get to run through the streets with people cheering you on! Participating in the Blue Nose is also a great way to support the NSYO!”

– Maxen Morrison, Team Leader



We’re so grateful to everyone who has shown incredible support to our team! Donations are open until June 11, 2023. Thank you for making the NSYO Wellness Program possible!