Cyan-Raven Gielewska

Hello! My name is Cyan-Raven Gielewska, and this is my first year in the NSYO, in Halifax, and even in Nova Scotia. I’m originally from the tri-city area of Kitchener, Waterloo and Cambridge, Ontario, but I’m in Halifax to study flute at Dalhousie University. I started playing the flute when I was 12, but only realized I wanted to study music when I was 18. I just couldn’t imagine my life without music, performances, and the community built around music. I keep myself motivated by trying new things, such as learning the oboe, tenor sax, viola and piano, as well as trying to write songs and music. I’m still not entirely sure where the future will take me, but I am so grateful to be surrounded by such amazing musicians as I continue my musical journey!