Julia De Mora

Hello! My name is Julia, and this will be my first year playing in the NSYO. I have been playing flute for six years now. I started playing violin when I was six, but I didn’t get much into it. When I was 11, I started playing oboe. Shortly after that, my teacher left, and I had to choose another instrument. Flute seemed to be the best option since I wanted to keep playing a wind instrument. I decided I wanted to study music when I was 15. Before that I wanted to be a bacteriologist, but music gave me interesting challenges and I knew that it would make me happier. I recently moved to Canada, so I’m planning to start my studies here. I was inspired to study contemporary music from teachers like Magda Schwerzman and Pierre-Yves Artaud. At the same time, I’m passionate about classical music. I’d also like to continue playing oboe as my second instrument. Outside of that, I play piano and guitar. 

I’m very excited about all the new experiences I’ll get this season and can’t wait to start rehearsals again!