Mary & Rob Martin

Mary Martin retired as Vice President of Ketchum Canada Inc.’s Atlantic division in 2013 and is well known and respected for her work throughout the region. In 2010, she became a consultant for the Symphony’s Listen to the Future capital campaign, and went on to serve on the Symphony Board of Directors. She and her husband Rob continue to support the Symphony as subscribers, donors, and Legacy Circle members.

Mary’s love of music started in high school with the Toronto Symphony. “When I was 15 years old, I heard Beethoven’s Seventh at Massey Hall, and it was a life-changing experience for me.”

As a regular concertgoer, Mary describes why music continues to be so important to her:

“Symphony concerts can turn a really grim week into a magical experience. The music takes you out of yourself. It changes your perspective of everyday life.”

Mary and Rob also donate to the Symphony on a regular basis and understand the value of their support.

“If people don’t donate, then the Symphony won’t continue to exist. Inflation, weather… Bad things happen. Unless the Symphony maintains a strong foothold, it will be at the mercy of unexpected events.”

“On the positive side, additional donations enable the Symphony to add a musician, add a concert, or expand the education program. Why wouldn’t we want to help them to continue to do what they do so well?”

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