Our Staff

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Staff Team

Christopher Wilkinson Chief Executive Officer Email 902.421.4763
Leah Hamilton Director of Finance & Administration Email 902.421.5351
Catherine Hatt Administration Manager Email 902.421.4413
Cassie Dresch Senior Digital Manager Email
Kayleigh Sheehan Manager of Guest Services Email 902.421.2108
Janice Fuller Janice Fuller Senior Editor Email
Jordan Fisher Director of Development Email 902.421.4403
Mimisu Lee Development Coordinator Email
Eric Mathis Director of Artistic Administration Email 902.478.1933
Diana Doublet Orchestra Librarian Email
Anne Simons Personnel Manager Email 902.225.6846
D’Arcy Gray Community Engagement Manager Email 902.403.7197
Beth Elliot Production Manager Email 705.896.9143
Bobby Matheson Assistant Production Manager Email 902.802.1673
Jack Chen NSYO General Manager Email
Rebecca Adams NSYO Operations Manager Email 902.218.7505